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If you’re interested in getting okay quality ringtones onto your LG600G, here is a guide to do so.

First off, you’ll need a computer that has Bluetooth. If you already don’t, you can get a bluetooth USB adapter for cheap.
USB Bluetooth Adapter

You’ll also need a media converter program that is capable of converting mp3 to .amr. This is vital to placing a ringtone onto the phone. Also, it’s helpful if you get an audio editor to help get the right length of audio. If you put an entire song on there, it’ll take up a large portion of memory, and the LG600G has no memory card slot for expansion. I’d recommend using Audacity. It’s free, and it works great.


Make sure you have the bluetooth on the computer set to visible, as well as the bluetooth on the phone.

Next, click on the “Add a device” option in the bluetooth menu on the computer. It will scan for any bluetooth devices, and the phone should show up.

When it prompts for a passkey, enter something simple. Using a passkey will help prevent unauthorized access to your phone.

Once your phone is connected, you’ll have the ability to send across images and sounds.

Now, once you’ve chosen the mp3 you’d like to put on there, you’ll need to shorten it to the right length for the ringtone. Once you’ve done this with whatever audio editor you chose, you can now convert it to .amr.

After converting the file over to .amr, right click the file and choose Send To, and then choose Bluetooth device. If you have multiple bluetooth devices, then you’ll have to choose the LG600G. Otherwise that will be the default device. Click next, and it will start to send it over.

However, you’ll need to authorize the transfer on the phone itself. This isn’t difficult, because as soon as the computer starts trying to send the file, the LG600G will beep, and then display “Allow File Access?”

Choose yes, and you get the file at a fairly decent speed.

This also applies to images. i.e. JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.

Right click the image, choose Send To, and Bluetooth device, and in no time you’ll have the picture on the phone.

~Side note, GIF’s still retain their animation, but at a lower frame rate.~



  1. I bought an lg600g at walmart, but cannot find a data cable or car charger that is SPECIFIC for this phone – both the net10 and tracfone sites only list the “universal” accessory pack, and it has no data cable. One aftermarket company advertises a data cable for the LG RUMOR phone, but I’m not sure if it will work on the lg600G. Can anyone help here? Thanks – Terry

  2. HellO I have the Motorola w376g Would you know if I can access the Blue Tooth I know it work in a head set However, I am interested in transfering pics for free. Is this possible?

  3. I checked, and indeed the charger port for the LG Rumor/LG Chocolate, is the same as the LG 600G. I cannot guarantee that you will be able to transfer data using a data cable, as most likely, Tracfone/Net10 has locked this down like the majority of their phones.

  4. heyy umm one thing i like to do i send songs via bluetooth with my other fones and i was wondering if i can do that with this one ???i really dont wanna like spend 50.00 on a crapy fone ??

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